NBA tankathon: Who will win the best lottery odds?

Miller and McGrady agree with efforts to curb tanking (2:05)

Tracy McGrady, Mike Miller and Brian Windhorst react to NBA commissioner Adam Silver's tanking memo. (2:05)

The tank is on.

Who is winning the crowded race for lottery pingpong balls, and who needs to try harder? Where will traded picks land for the Cavaliers, 76ers and Celtics?

Every day we'll guide you through the ugly basketball on the way to NBA draft hope.

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Lottery projections

  • The Cavaliers will receive the Nets' pick unprotected

  • The Lakers' pick will go to the 76ers if it lands at No. 1 or Nos. 6 to 30; the Celtics get the pick at Nos. 2 to 5

  • The Clippers will receive the Pistons' pick if it is outside the top four

  • The Suns will receive the Bucks' pick if it is Nos. 11 to 16

  • The Suns will receive Miami's pick if its outside the top seven

  • The Bulls will receive the Pelicans' pick if it is outside the top five

  • The Wolves will receive the Thunder's pick if it is outside the lottery

  • The Lakers will receive the Cavaliers' pick if it is outside the top three

  • The Hawks will receive the Wolves' pick if it is outside the lottery

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Adding and losing pingpong balls

Worst records over past 10 games

  • Grizzlies: 1-9

  • Suns: 1-9

  • Knicks: 2-9

  • Hawks: 2-8

Best records over past 10 games

  • Lakers (owe pick to 76ers/Celtics): 5-5

  • Kings: 4-6

  • Mavericks: 4-6

  • Bulls: 4-6

Among unlikely playoff teams

Tankathon matchup to watch today

Cover your eyes ... things could get ugly here.

DET at PHX | Tuesday

  • BPI favorite: Pistons (56.8 percent)

  • Matchup quality: 41.2*

  • Why it matters: The Grizzlies are neck-and-neck with the Suns for the best lottery odds. Meanwhile, the Pistons have just a 1.0 percent chance at the postseason, per BPI, and their pick is headed to the Clippers unless it lands in the top four.

*Measures the quality of the two teams and the projected margin of victory; rated from 0 to 100.

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